It’s been a while…9 months to be exact


So it’s been a while since my last post… about 9 months to be exact. A lot has happened in the past 9 months. I gave birth to an amazing baby girl, Adriana Harper, about 8 weeks ago now, and I discovered that I am not very creative without an adequate amount of caffeine in my system. The rain falls gently and steadily outside the open screen door as I contemplate the past few months, and all that has happened, and how it has changed me. Having a toddler is like living in a rock concert; lots of screaming and jumping around, and loads of fun.


Adriana came along like a symphony, every note playing in perfect harmony. It is amazing how she balanced our family; she was like the missing piece of the puzzle that we didn’t know was missing until she arrived.  Having two kids is very different than having one. I am still learning the balancing act, and I am sure there will be many ups and downs along the way.  I am enjoying seeing my little man, Zander, as a big brother.


He has taken to it so naturally. He has his moments, don’t get me wrong. His jealousy definitely comes out in fits and tantrums, but overall I am very impressed with how doting, aware, and concerned he is with our new addition, asking her what is wrong when she is crying, and offering a pacifier to help assuage her tears. Adriana lights up every time she sees him. I love seeing the sibling bond developing between them at this early stage, and I think of how I must have looked at my big brother the same way; it is truly a beautiful thing. Watching their father evolve and change with two is incredible as well. He comes home each night ready to roll up his sleeves and be super dad. He takes the crying baby from my arms and she calms right down, giving me a few moments of peace and quiet while I collect my thoughts from the day. I feel very blessed to be sharing my life with him.

Okay, that’s enough sappiness for now. Hopefully it won’t be another 9 months before my next post!