Who am I?

Hi, I’m Aubri.

I am a wife to a pretty swell guy, a mom to two fantastic kiddos, and a coffee drinking, lifestyle and kid’s fashion blogging, designer in Northern Virginia. I’m doing my best at this life thing, trying to learn from every mistake and hopefully become a better person along the way. Having struggled in the past with living in the moment, and focusing on the here and now, I am striving to be more present; to see each day as a gift waiting to be unwrapped. This blog is part of that endeavor, and I am so pleased to be able to share it with you!


“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.”

– Unknown


2 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Hello. I was wondering if you were the one who created that buffalo print you posted on August 19? If so, could I have permission to create a fabric out of it? Thanks


    1. Hi Isabella, So sorry I am just now seeing this! Yes, I created the buffalo print and you can totally use it for fabric if you like. Thank you for asking!


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