January Color of the Month: Evergreen

Let's Get Lost Among the Evergreens #letsgetlost #wilderness #quotes #wanderlust #evergreen

If you’re anything like me, around the middle of January you start to pine (no pun intended) for some of the sumptuous vegetation of Summer. Naked trees and wilted grass, combined with cold temperatures that keep us bundled up indoors can start to take its toll on us nature lovers. That’s why God created the EVERGREEN! Even in the coldest, darkest, most barren months of Winter, the Evergreen maintains it’s color and reminds us that warmer days are coming, which is why I chose the ever-hopeful Evergreen for January’s Color of the Month.

According to Sensationalcolor.com, the psychological effect of the color green stimulates our pituitary gland, which relaxes our muscles, increases histamine levels, and causes an overall calming, stress-relieving response on our minds and bodies.

Before writing this blog post, I thought evergreens were only conifers like pine trees and Christmas trees, but I was surprised to learn that tropical plants growing in warm climates are considered evergreens as well, so thank you for that little bit of knowledge, Wikipedia. Okay, enough with the geeky forest talk, let’s move on to the real purpose of this post: color inspiration! Hopefully all this greenery will help stave off your foliage cravings for at least a little while longer. Thanks for reading!

Color of the Month: Evergreen #Evergreen #wanderlust #colorinspiration #design #colorpsychology


Color of the Month: Evergreen #Evergreen #wanderlust #colorinspiration #design #colorpsychology



Color of the Month: Evergreen #Evergreen #wanderlust #colorinspiration #design #colorpsychology


Color of the Month: Evergreen #Evergreen #wanderlust #colorinspiration #design #colorpsychology


Color of the Month: Evergreen #Evergreen #wanderlust #colorinspiration #design #colorpsychology


Color of the Month: Evergreen #Evergreen #wanderlust #colorinspiration #design #colorpsychology


Color of the Month: Evergreen #Evergreen #wanderlust #colorinspiration #design #colorpsychology


Color of the Month: Evergreen #Evergreen #wanderlust #colorinspiration #design #colorpsychology


Color of the Month: Evergreen #Evergreen #wanderlust #colorinspiration #design #colorpsychology

Instagram: @highfashionhome

Color of the Month: Evergreen #Evergreen #wanderlust #colorinspiration #design #colorpsychology

Garden Lo


Christmas in Black and White

Whenever I think about Christmas, images of bright reds, greens, and golds immediately pop into my head. That’s because Christmas is usually done in these colors. It’s predictable and reassuring, and there is definitely something to be said for that. But there is something to be said for the simple elegance and unexpectedness of black and white decor as well. It’s always fascinating to me when you take things down to their most fundamental form. Like a shadow, the shape is an implied version of the thing itself, and it changes the way you see it. I feel like this is sort of how a black and white version of Christmas is, too. It’s clean, minimal, and thought provoking, and the contrast makes a big statement. Although my tree is loaded with bright, colorful balls this year, I definitely see a B&W Christmas at some point in my future.

Black and white may seem a little basic and almost dull in theory, however, these stunning Scandinavian designs prove that it is anything but.

Christmas in Black and White #blackandwhite #christmas #decor #minimal #scandinavian

House of Ideas

Black and White Christmas #blackandwhite #christmas #decor #minimal #scandinavian #design

Instagram: @livligerom


Look what I made


The Spruce




Apartment Therapy


The Crafted Sparrow




The Tomkat Studio

Black and White Christmas #blackandwhite #christmas #ornaments #minimal #design #decor #scandinavian



Taryn Whiteaker

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November Color of the Month: Rust

Falling leaves and winding road #fallcolors #rust #leaves

I love the golden hue November takes on as the days grow shorter and colder, and the trees gradually coat the ground in a crunchy blanket of Autumnal shades. One of my FAVORITE colors right now is Rust. I love seeing this color in everything from leaves on the ground to kitchen cabinets to stilettos. It has an earthy yet luxurious feel to it which I think is part of the reason I’m crushing on it so hard right now. I’m all about earth tones and depth of color, something that rust is definitely not lacking in. According to Color Psychology (the “Colour Affects” system)  rust-color “characteristics are warm and friendly, traditional, solid, substantial, reliable, earthy, [and] environmentally aware. They can also express iconoclasm
and a certain flamboyance.” It seems almost counterintuitive that a color could be both “earthy” and “flamboyant” at the same time, but the following examples prove that, ironically, this is in fact the case.  Here are some delicious rust-colored inspirations to feast your eyes on…


#streetstyle #rustcolor #coat #fallfashion

See (Anna) Jane

#modernkitchen #rustcolor

apartment therapy

rust orange heels #rustorange #heels #stilettos

Public Desire

jump in the leaves #fallquote

Rust Color in Home Decor #rust #fallcolors #homedecor

Suburban B’s

Bona Drag #fallcolors #fallfashion #rust

Bona Drag

Fall flowers #fallcolor #rust-color #fall #flowers

Velvet sofa #rust #fallcolors #homedecor #interiordesign

French By Design

Hanging Coats #rust #minimalist

Instagram: @thedreslyn

Rust Colored Lounge Chairs #interiordesign #rustcolor #fallcolors #design

Coming Soon

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Go Go Power Ranger Birthday Party…Pow Zap Boom!

Power Rangers 5th Birthday Party #kidsbirthdayparty #powerrangers #dinocharge #zap

I love that my son’s birthday falls right before Halloween, especially this year since we got double the use out of his costume. He has been obsessed with Power Rangers since the moment he laid eyes on those karate chopping, roundhouse kicking, over-acting, Mighty Morphin ninjas, so there was really only one option for his birthday party theme this year.

I took a sort of pop art approach to the theme, incorporating some fun comic book style “pow”s, “zap”s, and “booms”, etc. They were super easy to print and cut out. I used card stock, but I’m sure regular printer paper would have worked just fine. I then taped them to toothpicks to be used as cake toppers and table accessories. I also, to prove what a massive dork I am, made Energem necklaces as party favors with a magnetic attachment so the energems could be stolen from the evil Snide (or whatever monster villain that might be trying to take their power) and then easily reattached. They didn’t look exactly like the Energems on the show, but my kids were happy with them, and that was good enough for me. I also printed out some masks I found online, and a pop art Power Ranger print which I framed with black construction paper for wall decor. And I included some bunting and spiral balloons on the ceiling (not pictured), which I think added a cohesive feel to the overall decor. Hopefully my son’s 5th birthday was one that he will remember with fondness for the rest of his life…that is the point of all of this, right?

Power Ranger Birthday Party #powerrangers #birthdayparty #kidsparty #5thbirthdayparty #dinocharge








Power Rangers DIY cake topper party accessories

Pop art power ranger print #powerrangers #kidsbirthdayparty

Power Ranger Dino Charge #Energems

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October Color of the Month: Autumn Yellow

#yellow #colorinspiration #Yellowballoon

I am not the most consistent of bloggers, but I am slowly trying to inch my way back into it. I really enjoy blogging as a creative outlet, which I think is pretty important to have as a busy mom. One way I find inspiration is through color, so I am starting a color of the month post featuring a different color each month for design inspiration. The color this month just happens to be my favorite color: yellow! Yellow is such a cheerful color and reminds of the sun, and daisies, and well…happiness. Yellow is actually a fairly prominent color in October, though I feel it is often overshadowed by all of the oranges and reds that also present this month.  I wanted to make sure it got a some recognition as the lovely Autumn shade that is, and didn’t get left behind with all of the other joys of Summer. I hope you enjoy this little bit of color-spiration. Thanks for reading!

A GOLDEN STATE OF MIND #yellow #colorinspiration

From Up North

#yellow #sunflowers #organiclife

Rodale’s Organic Life

#yellow #vwvan #colorinspiration


#yellow #colorinspiration #yellowphone



#Yellow #colorinspiration

#Yellow #hunterboots #rainboots #colorinspiration

The Vivaluxury

Keep on the sunny side of life #yellow #colorinspiration #sunnyside


#yellow #interiordesign

#yellow #vintagetommyhilfiger #90sfashion


#yellow #monkeys

#yellowhouse #yellow


I’m Seeing Double Denim, what should I do?

@aubriofsorts instagram

Denim on denim…it’s an elusive trend that can be very ‘hit or miss’, which probably scares a lot of people away from trying it at all. I have to say, I am a bit frightened of it myself and really wasn’t too crazy about this at first, but lately the double D trend has really started to grow on me. There’s something about it that feels a little bit ‘wrong’ to me still, like wearing sneakers with a dress (although that one is growing on me as well), but when it’s pulled off correctly I think it can have a super chic look and feel. Here is a collection of some of my favorite double denim looks:

Anthropologie Denim on Denim

Anthropologie – Levi’s Denim Trucker Jacket

@_jiezheng Instagram

@_jiezheng Instagram

Tumblr: Katemonteith Moodboard

Katemonteith Moodboard Tumblr

Scotch & Soda denim on denim

Manrepeller via Scotch & Soda

Phases of Robyn - double denim

Phases of Robyn – Casual Double Denim

Andycsinger – find pretty anywhere..

Bruwho #doubledenim #denimondenim


“Do not Lose Hope”… r.m. drake

r.m. drake quote

Ever since I discovered this brilliant artist/poet a few weeks ago I haven’t been able to get enough. I started following him on Instagram and whenever I read one of his posts I swear it’s like he is peering into my soul and writing the contents. I am always inspired by people who feel life so deeply and aren’t afraid to share that depth with the world. If you are interested in learning more about r.m. drake check out this interview by Sayan Sen from Thought Catalog. Thanks for reading and have a beautiful weekend!

Planning Your Spring/Summer 2017 Wardrobe

It might be the dead of Winter and the ground outside might be covered in snow, but I can’t help day dreaming about ruffles, bright tropical prints, and pink, pink, PINK! It may be only January, but Spring is just around the corner, and it’s never too early to start planning next seasons wardrobe, right? It seems there are a lot of excited changes coming to the fashion world this spring, Even if it does mean giving up some of my skinny jeans.


(Photography via Defuzemag.com )

It can be tough to stay on top of the latest trends when your a busy mom, so I’ve tried to narrow down some of the highlights of the season’s hot new trends so that we can be cool, hip moms who stay on top of fashion, without having to buy a totally new wardrobe.

Zimmermann SS17 - cupcakesandwildponies blog


1. Ruffles. I love all of the feminine ruffles seen all over the runway for Spring! Ruffles are definitely still in this season, so I am keeping all of my ruffly, romantic tops from last year and carrying them right over to 2017. (Photography via Vogue.com )

Valentino SS17 - cupcakesandwildponies blog

2. Pink. This is a really fun and surprising trend this season. I will definitely be keeping my pink dress from last year as well because it will be totally on trend this Spring. (Photography via Elleuk.com )

CPHFW SS17 Track Pant Street Style - cupcakesandwildponies blog

3. The Track Pant. This is the one I am probably most excited about (and what mom isn’t?) because dressing up track pants seems like an ideal way to be hip, on trend, and still be able to roll around on the floor with my kids all day. I don’t have any track pants yet (just the leggings I haven’t been able to pry myself away from since my last pregnancy…I mean seriously, why are they so comfortable??) so they will definitely be on my shopping list this Spring. (Photography via Minimalblogs.com )

SS17 Structural Statement Earrings #fashionweek #Spring

4. Statement Earrings. The statement necklace was super fun, but being an earring girl myself I am pretty excited about glamming out my ears this Spring with some bold, structural earrings. (Photography via Stylecaster.com )

Max Mara SS17 Look 16

5. Tropical Prints.Nothing conjures up images of warm Summer days quite like bright, bold, tropical prints of palm fronds and Hibiscus flowers. This is another trend to that will be continuing this year, so hold on to those Summery prints, or go ahead and purchase that palm leaf swim suit you’ve been eyeing because tropical prints are going to be in for at least another season. (Photography via Vogue.com )

November Bucket List and Instagram Photo Challenge!


November Bucket List Photo Challenge #novemberbucketlist #wildpony_november #photochallenge - cupcakesandwildponies #blog

I know we are already well into November (a couple of sick kids set me back a bit), but  I wanted to celebrate the remaining days of Fall with a my November bucket list and fun Instagram photo challenge! I will select 4 photos representing the items on the bucket list for each of the remaining weeks of November to feature on my blog and Instagram feed.

#novemberbucketlist #wildpony_november #photochallenge - cupcakesandwildponies #blog

Here is my November Bucket/Photo Challenge List:

  1. Bake cookies
  2. Jump in a pile of leaves
  3. Drink Apple Cider
  4. Go for a walk in the woods
  5. Wear the perfect Fall outfit
  6. Collect pine cones
  7. Build a fire and/or roast marshmallows
  8. Do something nice for someone else
  9. Drink a London Fog (or PSL)
  10. Watch a Christmas movie
  11. Photograph (capture) something you are thankful for

There is no order to this list, just check them off as you can. To participate simply tag your Instagram photo with #wildpony_november.  Even if you don’t participate in the photo challenge, I hope you take a few moments for yourself this month to enjoy the season and soak in the Autumn air before the holiday chaos begins. You deserve it!

#wildpony_november #novemberbucketlist #photochallenge - cupcakesandwildponies